E. (kkkerosene) wrote in kenny_chesney,

New England Country Music Festival

Carrie Underwood, Dierks Bentley, Gretchen Wilson, Big & Rich, Cowboy Troy, Kenny Chesney, Uncle Kracker.

It was an AMAZING concert, wow. It was at Gilette stadium which is HUGE.. and I was in the fourth row!! :] There were so many people there, and it was 100 degrees out, a few drunks fell on top of me.. but wow, Kenny was well worth all of that.

Big Kenny, Cowboy Troy

Gretchen Wilson

Kenny's Entrance

singing "Follow Me" together
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i was at that concert too! right along the left side of the stage second row before the floor. Definately an amazing show, im hoping to make it a new summertime tradition :-)
Oh I know! It was so amazing. I think Big & Rich was definitely the best opening act. Gretchen was pretty good too, I saw her in concert back in January but it was NOTHING compared to Kenny! Wasn't it sickening how many people were in that place? Ugh. Sometimes I just turned around and was like OMG. It never ceased to amaze me.

Deleted comment

I don't think so, but if they were I didn't see
looks like a blast!!!
It definitely was! I had a great time. I love your icon, hahaha