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Kenny in Chicago

I saw Kenny in L.A. in June and just HAD to see him again cuz he is awesome. So I took a road trip to Chicago to see him last week.

For some reason my LJ Cut tag isn't working. So sorry if this is too long.

I bought tickets the day before the show from Ebay- the whole trip was kinda last minute.

I got Row 13 which is right next to the cat walk so I was able to walk right up to the edge of the stage and stand there the whole time.

I took about a million pics cuz this time I brought my camera unlike last time, duh. This show was way better than the L.A. show. The show itself was exactly the same and actually Kenny seemed a little less into it- the L.A show was at the beginning of the summer, this one was the second to last show of the year- but I had a better time. It was much more fun to be right at the stage and not be pushed and shoved and crushed just a few people back from the stage like I was in L.A. This time I was really able to enjoy the show and I could see everything the whole time. The pics I posted where he is partially cut off were because he was so close to me that I couldnt get him all in the frame of the camera, hee hee.

Whenever he came over to our section he was doing that teasing thing leaning over but not touching people. I touched his leg tho. Wheee. At one point some people behind me grabbed his leg and wouldn't let go. He actually got really pissed off! It must be kinda scary up there with people trying to pull you into the crowd, etc. Then later another girl near me who was beyond drunk grabbed his arm and wouldnt let go. He got mad at her too.

Whenever he came over he looked at me but then the people behind me would shove me every friggin time and knock my cowboy hat off over my eyes and then he couldn't see me and I couldn't see him so he would touch someone else's hand. He touched the girl next to me and her husband.

I remembered that he signs stuff after the show, right when it ends before the lights go on. While I was in the car for a hundred hours on the way to Chicago I thought I should bring my USA road map I had been using and have him sign it. So I did. Actually we got halfway from the parking lot to the stadium and I realized I had forgotten it in the car so luckily my friend made me go back for it. I was not really thinking there'd be any way he would sign it or that I would get to stand where I did but my friend insisted.

So anyhow he did the signing thing after the show. Most people had little stuff like ticket stubs and CDs. But I opened the whole map all up huge. Of course he noticed it and signed it. He looked a little perplexed about why I was having him sign a road map but he did it anyway. Even signed it sorta near where Chicago is. It's just a scribble but I think it's pretty cool.

Here are some pics!

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